About A Fraternity of Artists

With the 8th exhibition of "A Fraternaty of Artists," scheduled for August, 2013 at AEPi's Centennial Convention in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria; I can't help being amazed at how this project has grown over the years. From an idea I had while doing some darkroom work in 1994; to this most prestigious time and venue.

I probably had my mind on an AEPi Group Art Show for a long time. One of the things that motivated me to pledge AEPi was that the brotherhood included a lot of brothers in creative fields, especially other Photographers. In 1994, when I started participating in Art Shows in Manhattan, I thought it would be great if the artists of my fraternity could do a group art show in New York City. I asked the director of La MaMa La Galleria if I could put together a group art show, and as luck would have it, I got what I asked for. The first show of A Fraternity of Artists occurred in July, 1995. That show had a diverse assortment of art work including Photography, Oil Paintings, Illustrations, Sculpture, and Jewelry. A second show of A Fraternity of Artists occurred in May, 1999, also at La MaMa La Galleria in the East Village. The third show of A Fraternity of Artists occurred in September, 2005, at the Studio Art Gallery in Rochester, NY; and the fourth exhibition was in September-October, 2007 at the 3174 State Street Gallery in Caledonia, NY, with the fifth exhibition during September, 2008. Our sixth exhibition was at 1570 Gallery in Rochester, NY from January 13-February 19, 2010. The seventh exhibition of A Fraternity of Artists was also held at 1570 Gallery. We're always interested in new venues, any interested gallery owners, please feel to send me an e-mail. A Fraternity of Artists is open to all artists from AEPi, both amateur and professional.

The goals of this project remain the same, however; to showcase and promote talented artists from AEPi, and to see how many careers can be launched; and to give promising AEPi Artists their first gallery experience. This last objective has been achieved numerous times since the launch of this project; for most of the participating artists in A Fraternity of Artists, their first AEPi Art Exhibition was their first gallery show.

While the 8 Exhibition presently isn't scheduled, I'm considering various galleries in Rochester, NY for an exhibition in the near future. I'm researching the possibilities of having "A Fraternity of Artists" do a 4 or 5 city tour of Israel.

On the subject of "launching careers," I have to point out that artists face obstacles that professionals in other fields don't. With that in mind, if you need art work for your home or office, please choose and support an AEPi Artist!

As this project progresses, I see ways that A Fraternity of Artists could increase it's potential for helping worthy AEPi Artists. I would like to see A Fraternity of Artists become a not-for-profit organization, so the organization could lease or own its own gallery, and benefit from corporate funding. If anybody can help make this vision a reality, please send me an e-mail.

Finally, on a personal note, AEPi has been very good to me, so I welcome this opportunity to give something back. If you would like more information about this project, please feel free to send an e-mail.

Jonathan White, August, 2015

The AEPi Mural from the first AEPi Group Art Show, July, 1995

Mural Designed by Joshua Derner, Painted by Chico, Photograph by Jonathan White


*This Art Exhibition is not sponsored or endorsed by Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity or The Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation.